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The Faces of Fair Chances: Pam Thompson's Story

At the re-launch event of LA County’s Fair Chance Hiring Initiative, we unveiled an art installation by photographer Brandon Tauszik with portraits of several Los Angeles system-impacted individuals.

Courtesy of TaskForce - Photo by Brandon Tauszik

“People that are formerly incarcerated discipline themselves to show up on time, to prove that they can do the work. They can be the most trustworthy people.”

- Pam Thompson

Every year, more than 60,000 individuals return from incarceration in LA County, looking to start anew. This is the story ofPam Thompson, Senior Life Coach, Anti-Recidivism Coalition who’s been home for 4 years.

Pam Thompson says she feels like a proud mom when she thinks of the growth and successes of the more than 80 people she has mentored throughout the past two years as a life coach at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC). When Pam was incarcerated, she remembers thinking, “If I ever come home, I want to work with the youth.” Through her senior role at ARC, she has strengthened her skills as a leader and plans on opening a youth center in Compton where she grew up. Gun violence and crime are still affecting her hometown community, and she wants to create a resource to help kids and their families. “If I could change one life, then I know that I'm doing something positive, something right,” Pam says. “So that's why I wanted to work with the youth, to try and change the dynamics of the way that they think and know that they can have a safe place somewhere.”

Courtesy of TaskForce - Photo by Brandon Tauszik

Don't miss out on hiring incredible “ready to work” fair-chance employees like Pam–who are waiting to contribute to your company's success. Join the LA County Fair Chance Hiring Initiative and become a pledged LA County Fair Chance Hiring employer today!

*Portraits in this post were taken by Brandon Tauszik, with stories compiled by Alisha Jucevik.


Brian Stewart, MPP, MDR Manager, Stakeholder Engagement LeadersUp

Brian Stewart, MPP, MDR

Manager, Stakeholder Engagement


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