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Join the Innovation Wave: Building an Inclusive Future with Leaders Up and the Social Innovation Lab

Updated: 4 days ago

Join Jeffrey Wallace, CEO of Leaders Up, and Dr. Gary Painter from the University of Cincinnati in a dynamic conversation about their groundbreaking efforts to fuse academic insights with social entrepreneurship to revolutionize opportunities for young people of color.

Innovative Solutions to Economic Inequalities

Over the past year, LeadersUp has been pioneering change, connecting marginalized communities with industry leaders to forge a path toward true economic inclusivity through various initiatives such as Fair Chance Hiring and Equity Unleashed Events. Their initiatives, discussed vividly in the dialogue, are not just plans but actions set in motion to dismantle systemic barriers.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Change

Wallace and Painter openly address the challenges within our political systems and the innovative routes they are exploring to overcome these hurdles. They share insights on why traditional methods sometimes fall short and how fresh, creative strategies are crucial in making substantial progress.

[...] we can kind of go through our political apparatus, we can vote, we can figure out new ways to tax and spend money, so that there is more quality, but there are sometimes where that is just not working [...] so if we're going to get serious about uncovering a new answer then we, in my view, need to take innovation seriously.”

Visionary Goals for an Anti-Racist Economy

The heart of their mission? To cultivate an anti-racist economy. This bold vision is about reconstructing economic frameworks to be just and equitable from the start. Imagine an economy that not only recognizes, but actively corrects its biases.

Why This Matters to You

This discussion isn’t just enlightening—it’s a direct invitation to get involved. Whether you’re a student, educator, policymaker, or entrepreneur, there’s a role for you to play in this transformative journey. Your engagement can help turn visionary ideas into realities that benefit everyone.

Be Part of the Solution

Excited? Inspired? Join us! Your ideas, energy, and support are key to building an inclusive economy. Connect with Leaders Up and the Social Innovation Lab to contribute to a movement that’s redefining the future at

Watch the full discussion here and see how you can be part of making history!

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