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From Intern to Insider: A Journey of Growth and Discovery

Meet Lauren Ly, a student at the University of Redlands. Lauren is currently pursuing a dual degree in computer science and business with a goal of becoming an aspiring UX/UI designer. Follow Lauren’s journey over the next 10 weeks as she shares new experiences, moments of growth and development, and insights during her internship with LeadersUp.

Last week marked the beginning of my internship journey at LeadersUp. As I embarked on this new chapter of my professional life, I was filled with anticipation and excitement. From getting to know team members to participating in meetings, it was a whirlwind of introductions and absorbing information.

My onboarding experience began by establishing internship goals centered around exposure to different departments, gaining insights into their functions and roles, and fostering creativity. I got an overview of the various teams that collaborate to ensure LeadersUp operates smoothly. Additionally, I received an email associated with LeadersUp and familiarized myself with Basecamp, the project management platform they utilize.

During the week, I attended a webinar titled "Strategic Insights from the 2024 Nonprofit Marketing Report." As a student, I was astonished by the significant role marketing and communication play in nonprofit organizations. The discussion revealed that only 6.5% of organizations were actively utilizing AI, sparking my curiosity about its implementation. The webinar was engaging and informative, providing valuable insights into industry trends.

Another webinar I attended was "Youth Apprenticeship Week: Exploring Youth Apprenticeship Pathways in Entertainment." Various organizations, including The BRICC Foundation, presented pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships available within their organizations. As a student, I found this resource invaluable and wished for similar offerings at my University's Office of Career and Professional Development.

"Reflecting on the week, I've realized the importance of adaptability and productivity in a dynamic work environment."

Reflecting on the week, I've realized the importance of adaptability and productivity in a dynamic work environment. Moreover, I've gained a deeper understanding of LeadersUp's values and mission, which will serve as guiding principles as I navigate my internship experience.

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