Do you know what’s spookier than not having a job? Not having a career coach who can help you find one. As an early Halloween treat, here’s our list of companies in your area that are hiring right now. Remember, getting a great job starts with creating a great resume. Hit us up if you need help refining your resume, practicing your interviewing skills, or picking out a professional interview outfit. Our services are completely FREE!


1. Guaranteed Rate

Guaranteed Rate only works with the best of the best, which means they’re looking for a candidate like you to join their team. As an administrative assistant, you’ll be responsible for keeping the office flowing smoothly. Are you up for the challenge?

Position: Administrative Assistant

Location: Chicago, IL

Pay rate: $15.00/hr. +

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2. United States Census Bureau

This job with the United States Census Bureau is a great way to get your foot in the door as a government worker. All you need to know how to do is type 40 words per minute, which we’re sure you do daily anyway.

Position: Office Automation Assistant

Location: Oakbrook, IL

Pay rate: $38,722 to $56,114 per year

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3. Access Living

Are you a positive person who enjoys helping people? This job with Access Living may be a good fit for you. You’ll have the chance to help people with disabilities transition into living independently. They’ll provide all the training you need, all you have to know how to do is use a computer!

Position: Colbert and Williams Outreach Worker

Location: Chicago, IL

Pay rate: $39,000-$42,000/yr.

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4. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is known for treating their employees like family. Once you’ve worked for them once, you’ll have an advantage over other candidates for future opportunities that come up. If working in the entertainment industry is your ultimate goal, this could be the perfect first step.

Position: Coordinator, Training & Documentation (Project Hire)

Location: Burbank, CA

Pay rate: $15.00/hr. +

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5. Los Angeles Unified School District

This position with the Los Angeles Unified School District is a gateway opportunity for a stable career within the district. As an administrative staff aide, you’ll document COVID-19 cases and help employees find resources on testing, quarantining, and staying healthy.

Position: Administrative Staff Aide

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pay rate: $ 23.95 Hourly to $ 29.86 Hourly

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6. University of Southern California (USC)

Are you passionate about higher education and helping people turn their dreams into reality? This job with USC will put you in a position to help students get the classes, internships, and jobs that they need to accomplish their career goals.

Position: Student Services Advisor I

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pay rate: $15.00/hr +

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7. Alameda Health System

Healthcare is a growing industry with a lot of opportunities available for people with different skill sets. This position with Alameda Health System may be a good fit for you if you’re an organized, helpful, and patient person.

Position: Specialist Clerk

Location: Oakland, CA

Pay rate: $14.14 / hr. +

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Do you consider yourself a fast learner who knows their way around Microsoft Word? If so, this position at MP NEXLEVEL LLC could be the one for you. In this role, you’ll process requests, create folders for files, and upload documents. Seems easy enough, right?

Position: Administrative Assistant

Location: San Carlos, CA

Pay rate:$15.00 / hr. +

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9. 10,000 Degrees

Take it from us working in the nonprofit industry is a rewarding experience. If you’re serious about making the world a better place, then you can get your start at 10,000 Degrees. They need someone to help them make sure they can keep giving out scholarships to the students they serve.

Position: Scholarship Coordinator

Location: Richmond, CA

Pay rate: $13.40 / hr. +

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