Many of us, when we think about careers in education, we often envision a teacher who taught us how to work hard, set goals and reach for the stars. Between 2014 and 2024, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects nearly 1.9 million job openings for teachers, preschool through postsecondary. However, skills gained as an education major can prepare you for a number of career paths.

Take Miles Goodloe, an educator and instructional programmer who recently left Philadelphia, where he worked at Drexel University as an adjunct professor and advisor, to become program manager of advancement and instruction at LeadersUp. For #BlackHistoryMonth, we asked Miles to take over our Instagram account for the launch of our digital career-exploration series called Career 360°.

Miles shared insights from a day in his life as a talent development specialist. He took us inside the Impact Hub LA, a social impact co-working space in downtown Los Angeles. You’ll get to see firsthand the work that goes into developing a national advancement and retention program that serves young adults and employers. Take a look at clips from Miles’ Career 360° story below and the insights he shared from his day.

LeadersUp: Who are you? What do you do? And why do you love your job?

Miles: I am Miles Goodloe, a native of Oakland, California. I am a published author and recently released my first book, “Self-Education is Greater than Higher Education,” a guide filled with insights and worksheets designed to empower college students to maximize their resources on campus, and to learn and live their life’s purpose.

LeadersUp: What keeps you powered up through the day?

Miles: I am committed to increasing wealth in low-income communities by helping young adults economically empower their culture and future. I listen to the “self-made entrepreneurs” podcast in the morning and give myself a prep talk.

LeadersUp: Who are your amazing coworkers?

Miles: I truly think there is no greater team in the world than LeadersUp. Through my role, I work closely with the program manager of Partnership & Advancement, Devon Miner, managing new and existing community partner relationships.

LeadersUp: Where are you most productive?

Miles: I love this blue couch. It is my favorite spot in the Impact Hub LA. I get the most work done right here. I love the view outside, because I drift when I think of great ideas. But this coffee table makes me feel like I am at home and can be comfortable while empowering Opportunity Youth to earn 350% above the poverty line.

LeadersUp: What’s something interesting about your workplace?

Miles: My workspace is in the Arts District. This area is filled with inspiring murals and people who just want to create. That makes it interesting, along with our office being an open space with a kitchen and free coffee. I love it. And I love to eat.