Moving the country towards an inclusive, just, and competitive economy.

The Evolve Employer Network is a coalition of influential private sector leaders committed to creating an antiracist, inclusive economy. If you're looking to evolve your talent development practices, or to help advance the next generation of diverse talent, join us.


With over 100 million people employed by the private sector, there is immense power in private employers to dismantle systemic racism.


There is a high cost to inaction

"Businesses that sit in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above national industry medians."


"More diverse businesses see 2.3 times more cash flow per employee when compared to their less diverse peer companies."


58% of Black Americans feel racism on their jobs


Only 3.2% of executives and senior managers-level employees are Black


60% of all employees do not believe that their companies' diversity and inclusion programs are effective


...but traditional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) approaches are not working

Introducing Inclusive Talent Solutions™, an antiracist evolution of traditional DEI practices

Inclusive Talent Solutions ™ (ITS) is an antiracist talent development and management strategy developed by LeadersUp that differs from DEI:

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ITS focuses on solving root systemic issues, not quotas. 
ITS supports both employers and job seekers.
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ITS doesn’t just live within individual companies; it is part of a network of inclusive leaders.
“If you don't understand the needs of [diverse] clients and customers because your workforce doesn't represent those clients and communities, how can you be a successful business?”
Alex Rhodes

Diversity & Inclusion Executive,
Bank of America

Built to drive competitiveness and yield bottom-line results

Our Evolve Employer Network approaches your company's DEI challenges through three key phases:

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The assessment phase measures the effectiveness of your company’s DEI initiatives and identifies key measures, initiatives, and personnel committed to leading the work to create an inclusive environment.

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During the activation phase we establish a set of short- and intermediate-term goals focused on advancing antiracist practices through the employment life cycle. 

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Finally, through the acceleration phase, we leverage industry clusters to create enduring systems-level change to incorporate business-to-business ITS strategies into a larger goal of creating an inclusive economy.

Member Experience

For a nominal fee become a member of our Evolve Employer Network.
Schedule a call with our team to discuss a membership level that is right for your company.


Tier 1 Membership

Assess and Learn

Enter the Evolve Employer Network with an in-depth assessment

LeadersUp will work with your team to assess your company's needs and establish the learning groundwork for antiracist talent development and hiring.

As a Tier 1 member you will gain: 

  • A full talent needs assessment 

  • A tailored 12-month learning agenda

  • Employee-facing surveys and questionnaires

  • Access to Evolve Employer Network curated library of resources and research

  • Access to members-only social media groups


"It's time to stop treating DEI like a checkbox...and be diverse and inclusive and equitable."

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Tensie Taylor, M. ED

Assistant Director,
USC Black Alumni Association

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