LeadersUp is a talent development accelerator and social enterprise that was founded to tackle high youth unemployment in America.

Since 2013, we have stood in the gap to bridge the divide between the untapped potential of at-risk young adults of color and the business challenge of finding and keeping the best talent.

Our focus

We focus on diverse young adults because they are the most adversely impacted by distress in the labor market, particularly during COVID-19. Through our advocacy and professional development tools, we’re helping employers transform their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies into highly inclusive business practices.

We are anti-racist

The next gen workforce is majority multicultural. We’ve always been an anti-racist organization and intentionally diverse. Our Inclusive Talent Solutions are meant to grow Opportunity Markets where employers can meet work-ready talent and job seekers can access competency-based career pathways in spaces where they are valued as people.

Our Impact

More than 58,000 Served

The amount of people directly or indirectly impacted by our talent solutions and hiring events since 2015.

Over 95% Persons of Color Served

Based on history, we can assume that without intervention post-COVID-19, the unemployment and disconnection rates among young adults of color will rise significantly as the labor market is flooded with dislocated workers.

3:1 Interview to Hire Ratio

This performance measure evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the hiring process for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and the hiring company.

Nearly $1B in Economic Impact

This talent performance measure evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the job search process for candidates and talent development partners. Each young adult generates an average ROI of $15,500.

Why We Exist

In the United States, there are currently 5.5 million young adults ages 16 to 24 who are unemployed and not in school. This pool of untapped multicultural talent, known as Opportunity Youth, is on one side of a widening divide that hurts America’s economy and communities.

Our People

We reflect the people we serve and align with people and organizations committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

President & CEO

Jeffery T.D. Wallace

A visionary leader and social engineer, unites stakeholders around shared goals to achieve transformative change.

Our Team

Connecting our passion through our work and stories. 


Robert M. Harris, Chairman, LeadersUp Board of Directors
Chairman, Founder and Global Strategist PMI, Stanley and Aladdin

“We have reached a tipping point in America whereby the majority of its citizens are reticent to settle for small gestures toward racial equity and social and economic justice. To evolve to being anti-racist in our views and practices requires bold moves and leadership to bring companies and our country to a new and better place.”


We offer free professional development and coaching services to Opportunity Youth and young adults (up to age 30), and rapidly connect them to quality, demand-driven jobs and career pathways in high-growth sectors.


We help employers evolve their recruitment and retention strategies so young adult job seekers of color can access competency-based career pathways.

Talent Partners

We partner with community-based, state and local workforce and higher education stakeholders to grow their skills development capacity and connect young people to  opportunities in high-growth industries.